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Vision 2020 Designated Contributions

As part of the renovation of the church, there are specific items which we believe might be of particular and special interest to you; items which you may have special feelings for or which resonate with your spiritual life or devotion. By contributing for a specific item, you and your family can be part of the legacy of our Church for years to come. 


When you donate money to a specific item, your name or family’s name will be entered into our Vision2020 Designated Contributions Registry which will be prominently displayed our new and wonderful gathering space.

On this page you will find pictures and descriptions of most items as well as the donation amount for each one. NOTE: items with large price tags can have multiple donors


When you have decided on something close to your heart which you would like to sponsor, please call Fr. John to discuss. He can be reached at 301-606-9260.

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One of the main and most prominent parts of our church is the physical liturgical items we use at each Mass. These are sacred items which are well-crafted, beautiful, and substantial. Items available for sponsorship are the Altar, Ambo, Baptismal Font and the Tabernacle Table. Each of these furnishings are uniquely designed for Church of the Resurrection. Detailed Information here.

Not to be understated in their essence within our liturgies, the decorative aspects of our space are also very important items in our worship life. Items available for sponsorship are the Holy Water Font, Corpus and Cross, Holy Family Statues, and the Franz Mayer Stained Glass Windows. Detailed Information here.

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There are many items within our church which, though they may seem mundane, are nonetheless important to our worship experience and play a very functional role. These include  the Organ, the Pews, the Presider Chair, Deacon Chairs, the Sanctuary Lamp, and the Hearing Loop. Detailed Information here.

Other items throughout the campus will provide necessary functions, comfort, and beauty. These include the Chandelier, Exterior Benches and Trees. 

Detailed Information here.

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