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Of the many items which are in the new space and serve specific functions, the two that stand out the most will be the Organ and the Pews. 

The organ, made by Makin in England, will be a hybrid, meaning it will utilize the latest digital technology as well as having nine ranks of pipes to produce a true acoustic sound. Makin was founded in 1970 by John Pilling and has built and maintained an excellent reputation for supplying organs of the highest quality. The pipes come from Fratelli Ruffatti in Italy. In a world where an organ builder can simply buy organ parts from a catalogue and assemble them, Fratelli Ruffatti manufactures every component possible in their workshop, from the windchests to the flute and reed pipes, down to the smallest details. This is the best way to achieve a truly efficient quality control and the utmost customization of each instrument.

The Pews are being made by New Holland Church Furniture which was established in 1919 in Lancaster County at the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country. New Holland Church Furniture has over a century of experience in the woodworking industry. For the last 70 years, New Holland Church Furniture has also designed, crafted, and installed a wide a variety of church pews, seating, furnishings, other custom furniture, and architectural woodwork for worship spaces of all kinds.

New Holland Church Furniture

Makin Hybrid Organ and Fratelli Ruffatti Pipes

Having a high quality sixteen-channel audio system (14.2 configuration) the Windermere is the ideal organ for a great many situations. Using one speaker per amplifier this instrument contains a generous set of sixteen speakers for forty five speaking stops has a ratio of just over three stops per speaker, putting it in the exceptionally high quality range of sound.


The crowning glory of the ‘Windermere’ is that it is voiced in its various configurations to a very high standard by Professor Ian Tracey of Liverpool Cathedral. Ian has been involved in the design process including specification and choice of the most appropriate samples to use from their vast library to deliver that very special sound of a true English organ.

For an example of a Makin organ in action click HERE.


Donation: $280,000, Fully Sponsored


One of the most important functional items is, of course, the pews. This is where most of the worshippers will be spending their time during Mass. These beautiful oak pews are being manufactured brand new for our space. They will have a rich mahogany finish, kneelers, hymn racks and will be curved to reflect the arched sanctuary.

Pew Layout (1).jpg

Donation: $290,000, Fully Sponsored

Presider and Deacon Chairs

The Chairs for the Priest and the Deacons are being made by a company called Triforium. They operate in close cooperation with customers from project conception to culmination, managing the project though all phases of design, manufacturing, installation and completion. Their artisan-made liturgical art fashioned from stone, wood, glass and metal are custom-designed and one-of-a-kind creations for places of worship. 


Presider Chair, Fully Sponsored

Donation: $4,000

Deacon Chairs (2), Fully Sponsored

Donation: $3,000 (each)

Hearing Loop

Many people probably aren't aware of a Hearing Loop or how it functions. This simple device embedded in the floor of the church is connected to our sound system and it allows people with T-coils in their hearing aids to hear more clearly what is being said and sung. This is an invaluable service to our elderly and hard-of-hearing parishioners, allowing them to more completely participate in the Mass. With this new system we will also be able to switch it for functions in the hall.

tcoil 3.jpeg

Donation: $10,000

Fully Sponsored

Sanctuary Lamp

Another prominent feature in any Catholic Church is the Sanctuary Lamp. This red lamp, positioned near the tabernacle remains lit as long as there are consecrated hosts within. Ours will be suspended within the apse, above the tabernacle.

Sanctuary Lamp.jpeg

Donation: $2,500

Fully Sponsored

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