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Monthly Formation 

September 15-October 15

All month Almond Rod Toys is highlighting Saints of Hispanic heritage. Check out their Facebook page to follow the action! 

Here is a video from the Archdiocese of San Diego about the beauty of the Hispanic Catholic community. 

Mrs. Savannah talked about the first Saint from Mexico to be canonized back on her feast day. Here is her story! 

September 23-November 1

Help from the Saints 

St. Gerard Majella

Patron of expectant mothers and unborn children

Prayer for the intercession of St. Gerard


Dear Redemptorist Saint, model Priest and Religious, compassionate toward suffering mothers, intercede for all expectant mothers. Let them not be willing to put an end to the life they bear within themselves. Instead let them remain ever conscious that they are privileged to be the instrument through whom God brings another life into the world. Encourage them for the good of their child and the glory of the Lord of life. Ask that the Lord provide them what they need and to dispel any fear they may have. 



Lord, If it is the your will let the child have a healthy period of growth, a safe delivery, and be brought up by a loving family whom you have already picked just for them. 



Sts. Perpetua and Felicity 

Patrons of mothers 

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"Blessed are you, loving Father,
Ruler of the universe:

You have given us Your Son as Your Leader,
And have made us temples of Your Holy Spirit.

Fill our family with Your light and peace.
Have mercy on all who suffer,
And bring us to everlasting joy with You.

We bless Your Name for ever and ever.