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Fr. Andy's
Pastor's Corner

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


I am praying for everyone here at St. Paul and Resurrection Parishes, and please pray for me.

I have been going to meetings to get to know clergy and staff and leadership from the two parishes. And I keep praying that I can do a good job for everyone here. Let’s all do our best to build up our communities.

The measures I have for everything that happens in a parish are:

  1. whether or not what we are doing and how we are doing it BUILDS UP the faith of the people in the parish.

  2. and whether or not what we are doing and how we are doing it CAUSES PEOPLE TO FIND A SENSE OF FAMILY AND FRIENDSHIP in a parish.

  3. and whether or not how we do things in a parish makes it EASY to get involved and to get a hold of staff and parish leaders to get involved.


And so for everything we are doing – are we building up the faith of people in our parish? Faith in God, faith in Jesus, faith in the Church? And are we helping to build up a sense of family in the parish and help people find connections and friendship in the parish? And are we making it as easy as possible for people to get involved?


For example, in terms of building up the faith of our parishioners: At my previous parishes (I had two parishes in my previous assignment as well) we had a husband and wife team who shared at a class for all parents who had a first child being baptized in the parish. And I had always heard that their story, which involved sharing about losing one of their children, was very powerful for the parents who attended. Well, about a month ago I got a phone call from a couple who had gone to the class and the story from the couple who shared had really HIT THEM and they wanted to get back involved in the Church, and they wanted to go to confession and one of the couple were crying and crying after going to confession because it felt good to get back to Church.


Another example, that is more about fraternity, was that in my previous parishes I had a goal, and was happy that we eventually accomplished the goal, of having donuts after Mass 2x a month at both of the parishes….this made kids happier to go to Mass (!) and caused people to meet with one another and to build connections.


Another thing that I have done at previous parishes and I would like to start at Resurrection and St. Paul, is that at weekend liturgies, right before the beginning of Mass, I have had the habit of asking people to turn to first stand and then to find someone near them in the pews to PRAY for them during the Mass. This person is referred to as their “prayer partner.” Right before beginning the Mass this is not asking everyone to greet all of those around them, but just to find one person near them and to get their name and to pray for them during the rest of the Mass. 


I find that this is a way to connect with another person and to try to make the experience of the Mass one where we remember that we are part of a family that worships the Lord together.


We will start doing that before Masses the weekend of July 20-21. I hope that it is helpful to some of the members of our two parishes.


Finally, I am going to start being available for confessions on Wednesday nite in the chapel at Resurrection from 5pm – 6pm. I will be in the SACRISTY of the chapel but will have a sign on the sacristy door saying “Confessions.” If you come into the sacristy and don’t want me to be seen by you, you’ll be able to KNEEL BEHIND ME on a kneeler behind my chair.  Otherwise you can sit in a chair and look at me face to face while you confess. This will start on Wed July 17. We’ll have the confessions every Wednesday when there is a holiday like New Years Day or a holy day like Ash Wednesday.



Fr. Andy

July 14, 2024

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