Pastoral Council

Pastoral Council Elections 2021/2022

In 2020, due to the COVID pandemic, the Pastoral Council unanimously agreed to extend their terms by one year to provide continuity to parish leadership. With the return to in-person masses and the ability to incorporate technology into the election process, the council is preparing for the 2021/2022 election.


A vibrant parish needs a strong pastoral council – thank you to all who have submitted their names as candidates!



Candidate biographies are available now. Click HERE to view them. The election will be held the week of April 18-25. Parishioners will be able to vote via Survey Monkey or in person at mass the weekend of April 24/25. More information about the election process, including how we will follow COVID protocols to ensure safety, will be available in mid-April.

Officers and Members

Permanent Members and Committee Chairs

Meeting Dates

Role of the Council

1. To serve and be a Christian witness in this community

2. To serve as a consultative body to the Pastor

3. To give of itself, its representatives, and committee members the time, effort, and work essential for an effective council

4. To establish procedures for the Council and the Council's committees which foster involvement, honesty, communication, and collaboration

5. To be a sounding board for the needs and wishes of the Parish

6. To generate a greater degree of involvement on the part of all parishioners

7. To assist parishioners in recognizing their need to exercise their apostolate both in the Church and in the world, in both spiritual and temporal orders

8. To assist parishioners in understanding and adjusting to the Church's views relating to concepts of collegiality, service, authority, and responsibility as well as to preserve the best traditions of the Church

9. To implement policy and procedures set forth by the Archdiocese, Pastor, staff, and Pastoral Council