Virtual Prayer Board

This prayer board is available to the general public for our community to keep in prayer. Please let us know how we can pray for you or if you have a special request and it will be posted below. To submit a prayer, please email Stephen Lay ( and include the person's name as well as the prayer intention. Prayers will remain on the board for three months or whenever you request it be removed, whichever comes first.

(NOTE: This is for the website only. To submit a prayer request for the bulletin click HERE.)

Prayer Group

Lord, we ask that you protect your flock and fill them with an understanding of your love for them. We pray for our community and especially for:

  • Mackenzie Opdyke is a 10 year old girl who is undergoing treatments for brain cancer. (8/8/22)

  • Please pray for the soul of James Hawes, who passed away last week, and for God to bring his wife and family peace.
    Thank you very much. (7/22/22)

  • Please pray for Sean, a 27 year old young man who is suffering from cancer.  Pray that he will continue to be in good spirits and that his father will continue to have strong faith as he cares for him.  Sean's mother died of the same type of cancer over 10 years ago. (7/20/22)

  • Please pray for my Mom, Donna and Dad, Jim. Mom passed away on Friday after a long Cancer battle. May she rest in God’s arms and May He grant my Dad peace and strength. (7/20/22)

  • Please add my Mom who is in her last hours. Prayers for a swift and gentle passing into The hands of God for our beloved Mom, Mom Mom and Wife, Donna Leonard (7/6/22)

  • Praying for Sabrina Clever.  A young mom, who has suffered a brain bleed.  Prayers for her and her two children. (7/5/22)

  • For Thomas and King, with the intention for faith, God’s guidance and protection. (6/25/22)

Military Prayer List

Please, God, watch over these service men and women. Guard and protect them and bing them safely home. 

(To visit our Ranger Rosary page, click here.)

Lord hear our prayer.