Virtual Prayer Board

This prayer board is available to the general public for our community to keep in prayer. Please let us know how we can pray for you or if you have a special request and it will be posted below. All requests will remain anonymous. The requests are updated below a few times a week. 

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(NOTE: This is for the website only. To submit a prayer request for the bulletin click HERE.)

Covid-19 Specific 

  1. For the continued health of our grandchildren during this pandemic.

  2. That God will heal and comfort my sister, Joan G., who is suffering with cancer in a nursing home, and protect her from COVID-19.

  3. Lois N., who died  from the Covid-19 virus.

  4.  For the repose of the soul of Fr. Bob Stone, C.M. who passed with COVID yesterday. We were classmates. 

  5. For all those who are so terribly lonely because of this pandemic. We pray to the Lord. Lord hear our prayer.

  6. Prayer of thanks for my brother, Tim, who recovered from the virus and prayers for his safety as he is still exposed living in a nursing home.

For Those who are Sick

  1. Please pray for my in-law Joe who is in the hospital being treated for a blood clot in his lung.

  2. Steve T. en route to Charlotte with hopes for transplant. First hope was not compatible.

  3. Restored health for Debbie O., Xavier F. and Laura K.

  4. For Norma. 4/24 she was taken to GBMC with difficulty breathing. She is 90 years young and has cancer. Please offer her and her family who can not be with her because of COVID-19.

  5. For Audra she is in hospice suffering with termanal kidney cancer

  6. For Steve who needs a kidney transplant. For Melissa who is battling with substance abuse and her son who has a brain disorder.

  7. My mother, Judith K., is fighting cancer and needs lots of thoughts and prayers!

  8. Pray for John D. as he continues to deal with his disabling disease.

  9. For Steve T. who had a successful transplant and is going home soon!

  10. For my Mom Donna L. who has newly diagnosed Pancreatic Cancer and just began Chemo treatments.

  11. My mom - Helene D. - 88 yo broken hip

  12. My son, and our family, dealing with some significant psychological and relationship challenges

  13. For my friend Cindy who's in the hospital and is going to have tests to see if she has cancer. She's had some complications during treatment for a stroke.

  14. My Dad, Bob Agnew, who is dealing with a number of health issues.

  15. For physical healing from a fall, and grace to accept the need for a new living situation.

  16. Restore health to Gloria and Donald.

  17. Grandma is having surgery this week. 

  18. For my nephew Kenneth who is losing his eye sight

  19. Restoration of health for Peggy

  20. For my son, JB, who we just learned has been suffering from severe depression. Please pray for him, his wife and two sweet children and for us to be the support they need. Thanks.

  21. For strength, courage, and grace as Ann battles cancer again.

  22. For Frank’s healing of mind, body & spirit

For the Parish

  1. For those preparing to receive their First Communion. 

  2. For those preparing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. 

  3. For those preparing for marriage. 

  4. For all our parishioners who feel isolated.  

  5. For our priests to continue to shepherd our community in a way that is pleasing to the Lord. 

  6. Personal intention

  7. For all the youth in our parish who are probably feeling confused and/or afraid. And for their families who are helping them through it all.

  8. For all the members of the Church Resurrection.

  9. Mary S. who died on May 5. Mary was a long time Ranger Rosary maker who trained many others with great patience and gentleness. She was a member of St. Paul's before moving to Charlestown with her husband, Bernard, who died not long after they moved there. Mary will be sorely missed.  

General Requests

  1. For  Cassie who just lost her father

  2. For Connor A. for the repose of his soul. May the Lord bring peace to his family and friends.

  3. For my daughter, may God give her the spiritual and mental strength to persevere against adversity and help her find peace and happiness.

  4. For Josephine H.

  5. For a safe delivery and good health for our grandchild and his/her parents.

  6. For Catherine I.

  7. For Nancy

  8. For the Soul of Kitty

  9. For healing 

  10. For my wife Kathy’s father, Fred L. who passed away. May he rest in eternal peace. We will all miss you. 

  11. For Jesu Elango George who passed away on 5/3/2020.

  12. Pray for my Mother, who died on May 10th, Mother's Day, 1998.

  13. For Laura, Debbie, and Xavier may God bless them with strength and health. 

  14. Jake will be undertaking The Crucible test at Parris Island for Marine Basic Training, starting at 2 am Thursday morning 5/14), concluding at 8 am Saturday morning (5/16).

  15. The Repose of Joseph's soul 

  16. My friends Peggy and Rocky both died this week. May God be merciful !

  17. Nicholas and his family

  18. For Julie's husband. 

  19. Please pray for Gloria, who runs the food pantry at St. Gregory’s in West Baltimore and is in very poor health, and for the many people in the community who depend on her help.

  20. For Sherilyn For peace after the unexpected death of her dog, Dirk.


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