Virtual Prayer Board

This prayer board is available to the general public for our community to keep in prayer. Please let us know how we can pray for you or if you have a special request and it will be posted below. To submit a prayer, please email Stephen Lay ( and include the person's name as well as the prayer intention.

(NOTE: This is for the website only. To submit a prayer request for the bulletin click HERE.)

Prayer Group

Lord, we ask that you protect your flock and fill them with an understanding of your love for them. We pray for our community and especially for:

  • Becky S, fighting a terrible form of cancer

  • For April H., who is suffering from an adverse reaction to medication used during open heart surgery after surviving a heart attack on Dec 19th. The medication has caused her hands and feet to swell and her fingertips have turned black.

    • Pray for her heart to completely recover and stay in rhythm as she has had her heart shocked twice to rectify it.

    • Pray for her fingers on both hands to be healed so she can avoid amputation; and movement and mobility to return to her right hand.

    • Pray that her feet return to normal so she can begin walking. She currently can't even transfer herself out of bed to a chair.

    • Pray for her lungs to be strengthened and the remaining fluid to drain. She does daily breathing exercises and her breathing strength needs to improve from 250 up to 1500

    • Pray that she gets into the sub acute rehab facility at Good Samaritan which is closer to her family.

    • Pray that God speeds the healing process so she can go home sooner. She may have to be in a rehab facility for several months.

    • Pray for financial provision for all of her medical expenses.

Military Prayer List

Please, God, watch over these service men and women. Guard and protect them and bing them safely home. 

(To visit our Ranger Rosary page, click here.)

Lord hear our prayer.