First Eucharist

Preparation for First Eucharist begins in February of each year. Children 7 years old and higher are welcome to begin preparing for the reception of this Sacrament! 

Please read the parent letter for all relevant information for preparation and options provided for Fall 2021. 

Traditionally, a child will undergo this process in the 2nd grade. They must have completed a year of Catholic Religious Education in the direct year prior to beginning preparation, be currently enrolled in Religious Education, and have received their First Reconciliation. Only registered parishioners can register for Sacramental Prep. 

We are offering small group sessions where you would come with your child and sit socially distanced but participate in activities, watch skits, interact with the Gospel, and get to engage in the material together. 

We will reevaluate when prep gets closer to see if an at-home option will be added. Sample of some of the at-home session here.

Here is the new curriculum if you would like to look it over here. They have a book and/or videos you can go through with your child whichever best fits their learning style. 

Children teach us just as much as we teach them. In Matthew 19:14 Jesus says, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." This year’s preparation activities have been restructured to meet children at their level and show them their place in the Church through personal and family engagement. As Christians we believe this time is something to be celebrated and not just a box to be checked off. Our Sacramental Preparation will be community driven and above all centered on the joy of the Sacraments as we help our children journey on the Christian life.

Whatever your background or experience we are here to help you grow as a family in the knowledge of and your ability to live out the faith!


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Contact Us

Kate KleintankDirector of EDGE and Adult Faith Formation   

(Older students receiving the Sacraments and those with special needs who are older than 5th grade.) 410-989-6156

Savannah AckermanDirector of Children and Family Ministries  

(First Reconciliation and First Eucharist for 2nd-5th aged students.)

*Contact me with any questions you have regarding adaptations your child might need for the program. i.e., If your child has a learning or physical disability.*