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Pastor's Corner

Dear Parishioners,

Thank you for your participation in the Annual Appeal this past weekend and for those who sent their pledge/gift in by mail. There will be envelopes available in the foyer for anyone who has not yet made a pledge or gift.

Lent begins early this year, this Wednesday. Unfortunately, Ash Wednesday coincides with Valentines Day. If you give chocolate, be sure it’s the good stuff that holds up for 40 days. Fasting and abstinence from meat is in effect on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday and abstinence is also asked for all the Fridays of Lent. See times of service elsewhere in the bulletin.

Progress continues on the Church renovations at Resurrection. They should be putting flooring down during this period as well as finishing the outside concrete work. We still have about 20 pews left for memorialization. Suggested cost is $4,000 per pew. If interested, please give me a call or email me.

I hope this Lenten season helps you deepen your relationship with the Lord.


Fr. John

February 11, 2024

Past-or's Corners...

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