Pastor's Corner

Dear Parishioners,

Christmas season is officially ended. Frs. Scott, Hamilton, Ray and myself (sounds like a 60’s singing group) would like to thank you for all the calorie inducing goodies that we received and devoured over these days. We have built up our resistance to the cold weather.


Our Pastorate was very generous over the holiday season in helping those in need. We received several notes from various organizations thanking us for our assistance. Among those extending appreciation are:

  • The Columbia Pregnancy Center for the Baby Bottle Campaign

  • The Adopt A Family program helping St. Veronica Church

  • Mother Mary Lange Catholic School for the School Supplies

  • St. John’s Lane and Holifield Elementary schools for helping local families in need with gifts for their children as well as food gift certificates.

There were many other organizations that were helped as well. On behalf of all of your kind generosity, I offer my sincere gratitude.


The St. Vincent de Paul Center is progressing nicely. It is fun to see it take shape. We are still on schedule for an Easter opening. Thank you for your support for this project.


It’s January, so I will be making my pilgrimage to visit the Saints next week. Fr. Scott will be heading the friendly coup in my absence. Please be kind.


Fr. John

January 16, 2022

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