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The items listed here include the Altar, Ambo, Baptismal Font and Tabernacle Table. These are all new items created by Artesans Don Bosco.

The antiquity of stone and marble expresses a feeling of eternity… Eternity that comes to life through the patient hands of the young artisans of the Andes who, by using techniques transmitted from generation to generation, discover things that have been jealously guarded for millennia. The materials used in these sculptures are carefully chosen marble and stone, whose form, color, and hardness, express the sensitivity of each artist.


Artesanos Don Bosco (ADB) is a non-profit organization that supports self-employed, skilled artisans in Peru. It gives the opportunity to young people to remain in their villages while earning an income and improve their lives. They are self-employed, sharing machines and tools in one of 13 workshops across Peru.


In 2008, ADB came to the U.S. — to Baltimore. The artisans’ work is now featured in 16 churches (St. Peter and Paul in Easton, MD among them) and their furniture has been sold to customers throughout the U.S.


The Altar is the focal point of the Sanctuary and of the Mass. It is an artistic, large, and beautiful piece.

altar 2.png

Donation: $100,000

Fully Sponsored


The word 'ambo' is Greek word for 'pulpit' and plays a very important role in the Mass. This is where all scripture is proclaimed. This is where our prayer is led and where the Word of God is broken open to us.

Ambo RMD05Am.jpg

Donation: $50,000.

Fully Sponsored

Baptismal Font

The Baptismal Font is central to our faith as well as our sacramental life. It is a beautiful and significant object and will be located along the curved bottom of the sanctuary.

Baptismal Font RMD05F.jpg

Donation: $50,000

Fully Sponsored

Tabernacle Table

The Tabernacle Table will be the base for our tabernacle, which has been donated to us from St. Dominic's in Baltimore. It is a very large and heavy item needing a secure and substantial table to bear it. Recessed in the rear of the apse is the Tabernacle, the place where the consecrated host is reserved. 

Tabernacle table.png

Donation: $75,000

Fully Sponsored

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