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By far the most striking and prominent part of our renovation will be the refurbished stained glass windows. The west façade of our renovated church will be highlighted by nine tall antique Frank Mayer (Munich, Germany) stained-glass windows. The windows were originally installed in St. Brigid Catholic Church in Baltimore, which closed in 2019. St. Brigid opened in 1858 in the Canton neighborhood to serve immigrants from Ireland. Its first resident pastor was newly ordained Father James Gibbons, who would go on to become the ninth archbishop of Baltimore. Ten of the eleven windows we purchased were commissioned from the famous Franz Mayer Studio in Munich, Germany, probably in the early 1900’s.

Franz Mayer Stained Glass Windows

On May 28th of 2021, the windows were removed from St. Brigid and transported to Epiphany Studios in Middletown, Virginia, where restoration craftsmen will make any necessary repairs and store the windows until we are ready for them to be installed in our new spaces.

stained glass poor 040621.jpg

Holy Family Statues

These three nearly life-sized marble statues also come from St. Brigid. They are currently being restored and will be prominently placed in the nave of the church on the south wall in a recessed niche. Some of the seating near the statues will be able to be turned to face them and will effectively create a separate space for prayer and contemplation of the Holy Family.

Jesus Mary Joseph statues 081621.jpeg

Joseph and Jesus: Fully Sponsored

Donation: $10,000

Mary: Fully Sponsored

Donation: $10,000

Corpus and Cross

This beautiful Corpus and Cross is also being made by Artesanos Don Bosco in Peru. The striking sculpture will be suspended above the altar and the apse.

corpus and cross don bosco.jpg

Donation: $15,000

Fully Sponsored 

Holy Water Font

As you walk through the gathering space you will be drawn to the Holy Water Font. This important symbol of our faith both directs you towards the Church doors and down the center aisle of our gathered community and towards the Altar and Tabernacle.

holy water font.jpg

Donation: $15,000

Fully Sponsored

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