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Ancillary Items

These items are both functional and decorative. They help give depth and charm to our campus and round out the beauty.

Grand Artistic Light Fixture

This Grand Artistic Light Fixture will hang over our grand staircase which leads from the lower level main entrance into our beautiful Gathering Space. The fixture will light up our space and, being visible through the exterior windows, will also be a beacon to our parishioners, beckoning them to join us for worship.


Donation: $10,000

Fully Sponsored

Exterior Benches, Trees

Outside the new main entrance will be a plaza for dropping people off as well as visiting in nicer weather. These Benches will serve as a central meeting space and the Trees will be a natural element of beauty.

plaza 2.png

Benches (9). Fully Sponsored

Donation: $1,500 (each)

Plaza Tree. Fully Sponsored

Donation: $1,000

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