Welcome to our Vision2020 webpage with the most current information and latest developments on our parish renovation projects. Below are links to the HISTORY of project, the FUTURE of our renovations and how to PLEDGE. We hope you find this informative and exciting. Please pray that the Holy Spirit continues to bestow God’s wisdom, grace and patience on our project leaders as they continue to work in Christ’s name, bringing our community together as a people united in faith and mission.

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Pastor's Update

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Here are some of the latest renderings from our architect. This first picture is the view of the gathering space as you approach the entrance to the main worship space, the nave.

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This is the view of the nave as you enter. Note the recessed apse housing the tabernacle as well as the stained glass windows.

Here is an opposing view of the nave from the perspective of the altar. 

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Jesus Mary Joseph statues 081621.jpeg

These are statutes of Jesus, Mary and Joseph which we have rescued from St. Brigid Catholic Church in Baltimore.

The west façade of our renovated church will be highlighted by nine tall antique stained-glass windows.  The windows were originally installed in St. Brigid Catholic Church in Baltimore, which closed in 2019. St. Brigid opened in 1858 in the Canton neighborhood to serve immigrants from Ireland.  Its first resident pastor was newly ordained Father James Gibbons, who would go on to become the ninth archbishop of Baltimore. The windows were made by the famous Franz Mayer Studios in Munich, Germany.

On May 28th, the windows were removed from St. Brigid and transported to Middletown, Virginia, where restoration craftsmen will make any necessary repairs and store the windows until we are ready for them to be installed in our new spaces. View them all in the slideshow below.

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It has been over fifty years since the groundbreaking of our present Church and school. Our worship space was originally intended to be the school auditorium. Over the years, our facilities have been expanded to include two additions to the school, a Pastoral Center with a daily Mass Chapel, a gym and multipurpose rooms. However, we are still worshipping in the auditorium. 


Now is our time. We can make an investment in our parish that will carry us forward easily for the next fifty years. Personally, I want to thank you for your generosity and support to our parish. I am asking each family to please prayerfully consider a sacrificial gift to the Vision 2020 campaign at a level proportionate to their capability.

When considering my request, please remember how much your gift will mean to our entire parish community. Please join with me in embarking on this exciting Vision 2020 campaign.

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Upcoming Dates,

Meetings and Milestones

  • Monthly meetings with Architect

  • Regular meetings with committees

  • Expected groundbreaking for SVDP addition: TBD

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You may make commitments to the Vision 2020 Capital Campaign in the form of cash, pledges, securities and planned gifts. Pledges may be completed over a five year period, in whatever increments are most appropriate for you.


Click the link below to go to Faith Direct and make your recurring or one-time donation.