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Tent Use Guidelines

Our tent is for the enjoyment of the parish and school. Howard County will be continually monitoring our use of the tent. We must work together to follow all Howard County requirements to maintain our permit. It is imperative that your organization follow all the below guidelines so that we can continue to worship and gather during our 2-year construction period. A preliminary Mass setup diagram can be found by clicking "Mass in Tent Setup". A diagram for RSPS setup will be finalized and posted in the tent and on this page by the end of September.

  1. Each group must comply with all Howard County rules and regulations.

  2. The tent space is reserved for RSPS on schools days 7am-6pm.

  3. No smoking is permitted in or around the tent.

  4. Tent use is by reservation ONLY. Visit to make a reservation.

  5. Opening tent panels – Please use the canes located next to the stacked tables to open the panels. This creates the proper pressure and angle.

  6. Closing tent panels – Always close panels by holding the very TOP of the panel and pulling across. Support the weight of the panel by gently pushing up as you close the panel. Do not pull shut from the side of the panel. Step stools are available in the custodian closet. Do not stand on a chair.

  7. Heat

    • Due to the cost of propane, please use good judgment when deciding to turn on the heaters.

    • The on/off switch for the heaters is located in the front left corner of the tent.

    • The thermostat temperature is pre-set. DO NOT change the temperature settings.

    • Any organization that uses the tent is responsible to turn off the heat at the end of their event. If the organization does not turn off the heaters at the end of their event they will be expected to make a $100 contribution to the parish to offset fuel costs.

  8. Fundraising

    • No selling/solicitation allowed during weekend Masses.

    • Sat – 4pm-6:30pm, Sun – 7am-1pm or during Holy day Masses.

    • Fundraising/Solicitation is allowed after Masses. Tables/canopies/chairs/people should not impede the safe exit of parishioners from the tent.

  9. Beginning of event/meeting

    • Take photo of setup or refer to setup diagram posted in tent.

    • Open side walls/doors if necessary using the instructions detailed in step 5.

    • Please turn on the heat for your event only when necessary. Do NOT adjust thermostats.

  10. The Altar will be kept in the tent for the duration of construction. The Altar should NEVER be used as a table. Nothing should be stored or placed on the Altar outside of Mass.

  11. End of event/meeting (checklist will be posted in the tent to help ensure compliance)

    • Cleaning supplies can be found in janitorial closet next to Women’s restroom in Pastoral Center.

    • Interior of Tent

      • Wipe down chairs and tabletops

      • Sweep tent floor/pavement.

      • Wash floor with water if anything is dropped/spilled on the ground

      • All trash/recycle removed and secured INSIDE dumpster. Do NOT leave trash/recycle outside the dumpster.

      • Remove all items that you brought to the event. Do not leave “lost and found” items or store anything in the tent for later pickup.

      • Return tables/chairs to previous setup or refer to setup diagram posted in tent.

      • Turn off lights.

      • Turn off heat. A $100 contribution to the parish to offset the fuel costs will be assesed if heat is not turned off properly.

      • Close all doors. Return side walls to their original open/closed position prior to your event. Return side walls to their original open/closed position prior to your event using the instructions detailed in step 6.

    • Pastoral Center bathrooms

      • Flush toilets

      • Clear sink

      • Clear counters

      • Clear floor of loose debris

    • Rodent Prevention

      • Remember the tent is not an enclosed building. Food and debris will attract animals.

      • Be sure to wash floor with water if anything is dropped/spilled on the ground.

      • NO trash should be left in the trash bins.

    • A procedure for heating the tent will be provided when available.

    • Lock Pastoral Center doors if necessary.

  12. No open flames in tent.

  13. No flammable hay, straw, shavings, or similar combustible material will be allowed.

  14. EXITS cannot be obstructed.

  15. Extension cords

    • Extension cords must be sized to the device in use. No small household cords allowed.

    • Extension cords rated for exterior use must be used.

    • A breaker protected strip outlet shall be used.

    • No extension cords can be chained together to form a longer service.

    • Three prongs to 2 prong adapters are not allowed.

    • Be mindful where you locate extension cords. They should not be trip hazards.

  16. Serving food

  17. Serving alcohol

    • Your organization may need to apply for a HC temporary liquor license.

    • Please refer to the Howard County Liquor License webpage for more information.

    • The temporary liquor license must be displayed on the main door of the tent located at the rear entrance to the Pastoral Center.

    • Send a copy of the HC liquor license to Cindy Desrochers to your event.

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