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Sustainability Ministry

Who do we serve?

The parishioners of Resurrection parish (and our little corner of Mother Earth!).

What do we do?

Raise awareness and promote positive actions within the parish on climate change and
other important environmental issues. We advocate for ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle within our parish campus, homes, and community as well as educate parishioners on the connections between urgent environmental and social issues.

We also participate in local stream and park clean-ups and native plant sales.


How can I get involved?

Relevant Links

When do we do it?

Throughout the year and as issues or needs arise.

Where do we serve?

At present, all our work is at Resurrection; in the future, we hope to get involved in county-wide efforts.

Ministry history 

This is a recent initiative started in 2019 so help us make history by joining the subcommittee!

Photos and appreciation


The Used Book Sale is a good idea for recycling and reusing!

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