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San Bartolo Parish, El Salvador

Who do we serve?

The families of San Bartolo parish and school in San Salvador, El Salvador.

What do we do?

We provide solidarity and financial support for
social justice programs in the parish. We also provide books and financial support for
the new Padre Jim McGovern library, opened in 2019. (See link for a video of the opening.)

When do we do it?

We sponsor occasional poor boxes and a second collection each year.

We sell library book donation cards in December.

Where do we serve?

All outreach activities occur at Resurrection.

Depending on the safe-travel situation in San Bartolo, we visit and/or do a service trip once a year if possible.

Ministry History 

Resurrection has had a sister parish relationship
with San Bartolo for over 25 years. We have supported various social justice ministries and done 10+ medical missions in the community.

In 2013, we built three houses in a neighborhood and in February 2019 attended the opening of the Padre Jim McGovern
library at the parish, which is the only library in the area.

How can I get involved?

san bartolo logo.jpg

Contact Gina Maclean: for more information.

Relevant Links

Photos and Appreciation


San Bartolo Library opening sign.jpg
San Bartolo Library opening building.jpg
San Bartolo Library opening three girls.
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