Lending Library/Used Book Sale

Who do we serve?

The parish's Lending Library serves all parishioners of Resurrection.

The Used Book Sale serves the wider community, and proceeds from the sale support two of our Social Justice partners, one local and one overseas. (Partners are selected each year.)

What do we do?

The self-service Library maintains books, DVDs, and CDs on various topics of interest to Catholics: papal encyclicals and biographies, information on church teachings, popular DVD series and movies, biographies of saints and church leaders, inspirational reading, prayer helps, etc.

The Used Book Sale collects thousands of books from parishioners and resells them for a goodwill donation to benefit our partners.

When do we do it?

The Lending Library is open year-round before, during, and after all weekend Masses. 

The Used Book Sale occurs in May and June each year.

Where do we serve?

The Lending Library is located in the upper link by the elevators, just outside the church door to the link

The Used Book Sale occurs in the Multipurpose wing.

How can I get involved?

Contact Don Grskovich: 410-730-0126 or donaldgr@verizon.net.


There is a great need for volunteers during the Used Book Sale. Strong backs are particularly helpful during the collections weekends and on the final day of the sale. Service hours are available. Look for details in the bulletin, on Resurrection Connections, and via our "How can I help" email sign-up starting in late April.

Upcoming dates and events:

  • Used book 2020 collection dates:
    May 30/31 and June 6/7.

  • Used book 2020 sale dates: June 13/14.

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Photos and appreciation


Ministry history 

The Used Book Sale celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2019!