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Hot Meals for the Homeless/Grassroots

Who do we serve?

How can I get involved?


The homeless and poor in Howard County.

What do we do?

Parishioners help Howard County residents who suffer from hunger or homelessness in several ways:

  • Hot meals: prepare (at home), deliver, and/or serve or clean up from a hot lunch at the Day Resource Center (18 and older only for on-site duties).

  • Cold Weather Shelter: volunteer to support St. Paul Church in Ellicott City, which hosts an overnight shelter during the first full week of January.

  • Poor boxes: donate to a poor box to assist Grassroots with the Cold Weather Shelter (early January) and emergency housing assistance (each quarter).

  • Urgent supply needs: respond to urgent supply needs through the "How can I help?" sign-up program.

When do we do it?

Click here to go to the sign-up for complete instructions, recipes, serving needs, etc., and to sign up.

Contact Barbara Watson: or Bob Krasnansky: for more information.


To be put on the "How can I help?" mailing list, CLICK HERE.

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Photos and appreciation

  • Hot Meals: the third Wednesday of every month. Hot food delivery to Resurrection at 1 pm. Serving at Grassroots from 1:30-4 pm.

  • Poor Boxes: 5 times throughout the year.

  • Supply requests as needed.

Where do we serve?

From Matt Dixson, the Day Resource Center (DRC) Volunteer Coordinator: “I want to thank everyone who answered the call for tarps! We now have an abundance and the freedom to give tarps to anyone who needs them. You are all amazing!"

Ministry history                   

While Resurrection parish has been supporting Grassroots through the annual Cold Weather Shelter at St. Paul's for many years, the Hot Meals for the Homeless ministry started in 2017. It has proven to be a very popular ministry with parishioners.

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