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Greeter Ministry

Why do we need Greeters?


·        To create a feeling of warmth and hospitality for parishioners, new parishioners, and guests.

·        To make Resurrection a place where everyone feels welcome.


What will my job as a Greeter entail?


·        Your main role will be to welcome parishioners and visitors as they enter Mass.

·        To answer questions about church events or ministries and provide general information.

·        To provide prospective parishioners information on registering in the parish.


But don’t worry—we’ll provide you with training and all the materials you’ll need!



Are there any special requirements?


·        A friendly smile and an openness towards strangers.

·        A willingness to arrive about 15 minutes early for the Mass you normally attend.

·        Presently, we are recruiting people over the age of 18, but young people and children are most welcome to be greeters along with a parent who has attended our greeter training.


How much time will be required?


·        Initially, you’ll attend a training session.

·        Just the additional 15 minutes before Mass, and occasionally, a few minutes afterwards to submit questions or requests that parishioners might have for an administrator or ministry.

·        A few optional, informal social get-togethers for greeters to share stories, challenges, and ideas.

For more information or to sign up to be a Greeter, please contact Carolyn Kuchinski at or call 410-465-1089.  Thanks!

The Greeter Ministry is a great way to meet people and become part of the parish!

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