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Welcome to Day Five


Start here!

You can find a family opening session in the family pack found here

Bible Story

Imagine and Coloring 

You can find the coloring mobile and the mosaic pages in the family pack found here

Create and Play 

You can find the puzzle in session 5 of the family pack  here

The year of Jubilee helped the people of Israel rest, make things right, and prepare for the future!  Using the puzzle template in the family pack, draw and color a picture of what it looks like when things are given fresh starts and made right.


You might imagine people who have everything they need, a healthy environment, and children who are safe.


What does a healthy world look like to you?When you cut it apart to create a puzzle, think about how we make our world less restful or less just.


Now put your puzzle together and think about the ways compassion inspires us to make things right again!What does it feel like to draw a joyful, restful, and just scene? What does it feel like to cut it apart? And how do you feel when you put it back together?


Closing and Coloring

You can find the examen in the closing for session 5 here

What can we do to keep growing in compassion? 

The Walk for the Homeless ad (1).jpg

Keep an eye on for emails from Kate with more information

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