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Welcome to Day Two! 


Start here!

Being compassionate is not always easy. Sometimes we have to take risks in order to ease someone’s hurt or suffering.


We can be brave to jump in, share, protect, and speak up for others.


Help me finish these sentences about how people can be brave. Can you think of several ways that each person can be brave?

Compassion Camp examples.png

Today’s song is about being brave. It doesn’t mean you won’t feel scared, too. It is okay to feel scared. But God gives us compassion so we will feel brave enough to make choices that ease the hurt of others. And we can always ask a grown-up to help! We can be a team to show compassion.

For older kids or adults: 

Sometimes our compassion helps us make brave choices. And when we do, look out! God’s power can restore our communities, our friendships, and ourselves.


Later, we will hear a story about some heavy lifting, a massive hole, and some neighbors who took a risk to help a friend. We will see how one act of bravery changed a community.


As we prepare to learn more about brave compassion, let’s begin with a compassion prayer. Place one hand on your head and one hand on your heart.


We are doing this because compassion happens in our brains, but we often feel it in our hearts.

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Bible Story

Imagine and Coloring 

Click here for the Imagine and Coloring for today! 

You can find the coloring mobile and the mosaic pages in the family pack found here

Create and Play (For Younger Children)

You can find the activities in the family pack found here



Compassion in Action For Older Children

You can find a family closing sessions in the family pack found here

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