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Parish Communications

Welcome to parish communications. Here you will find important guidelines on submitting information and announcements for our bulletin, information for our website, our weekly electronic newsletter (Resurrection Connections) and weekend spoken announcements. All of these important means of communication are an opportunity to demonstrate with the parish our Christ-centered spirit of hospitality, warmth, and compassion. 

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Submissions for the parish bulletin should be emailed no later than 10:00am Monday morning, the week prior to publication. Please email submissions or questions to

For detailed information on submitting information to the bulletin, see the Categories and Guidelines below.


Weekend Spoken Announcements

Spoken announcements at weekend Masses are intended to be relevant to the time immediately following that Mass or on that weekend. If you would like something spoken, please send a message to Fr. Paul at by Wednesday at 5pm. Spoken announcements are limited to 25 words or less and may be edited for length.

Resurrection Connections (flocknote)

Resurrection Connections is our weekly electronic newsletter sent out via flocknote.To submit something for the Resurrection Connections, please contact Stephen Lay at

Parish Website and Social Media

Our parish website is a good place to post important information. Pictures and posters can be linked on the front page. The parish also has a Facebook page which can be useful to getting the word out. If you have information you would like posted on our website or Facebook page, please contact Stephen Lay at

Electronic Sign

Our electronic sign at the main entrance to the campus can be utilized as a reminder for meetings. Brief messages/headings as well as a time frame should be submitted to Stephen Lay,

Bulletin Categories and Guidelines

  • Liturgy 

  • Adult Faith Formation & Education

  • Fellowship

  • Outreach & Social Justice

  • Service & Volunteer Opportunities

  • News & Information

  • Appreciation & Recognition

Please note:

  • Submissions may be edited due to space limitations

  • Deadline is Monday at 10:00am.

All information should:

  • be submitted electronically via email to

  • be sent by 10am Monday of the week the information is to run.

    • If that Monday is a holiday the deadline is the preceding Friday at 10am.

  • include your contact information.

  • include pertinent date, time, location info.

  • be submitted with a brief headline.

  • be 100 words or less.

Leverage the parish website. Request that it be placed there as well and refer people to that page. 

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