FY22 (July 2021-June 2020) Facilities Requests


Multiple Day Facility Requests


If your group would like to participate in our open enrollment for FY 22 facility scheduling, please follow the below instructions.

All groups are required to submit their FY22 facility request by using the “FY 22 Facility Request Template” spreadsheet. Completed spreadsheet should be sent to cdesrochers@res-ec.org by 6/4/2021.

Please note the following when building your facility request spreadsheet:

  • For your reference, the FY22 Staff and RSPS activities will be updated on our parish calendar by 5/15/21.

  • You must use the template and send it to cdesrochers@res-ec.org by June 4, 2021 to receive priority consideration. Please DO NOT ALTER the template.

  • The spreadsheet must specify individual dates. For example, do NOT say “every 2nd Wednesday”. 

  • Do not use military time.

  • At this time MP1 and MP2 will not be available mid August through mid June.

  • One fundraiser will be allowed per weekend across all groups.

  • Fr. John will make the decision on scheduling and fundraising conflicts.

  • No date is guaranteed until you receive a confirmation email.

  • All requests received by 6/4/2021 will be responded to by 6/18/2021.

  • Requests not using the “FY 21-22 Facility Request Template” will be considered after 6/18/2021.

  • All requests received after 6/4/21 will be considered after 6/18/2021.