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Bridges to Housing Stability

Who do we serve?

Howard County families who have lost or are at risk of losing their housing.

What do we do?

Provide financial support through poor box collections and the organization's fundraising efforts. We also provide gift cards for families at Christmas through Neighbor Network as part of our "Adopt-A-Family" program.

When do we do it?

Throughout the year and during Advent.

Where do we serve?

How can I get involved?

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Contact Jeananne Sciabarra: For more information on Bridges, see the link below.

  • Donate through designated poor boxes and other fundraising activities as advertised in the bulletin.

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Photos and appreciation


At present, all outreach activities occur at Resurrection.

Ministry history 

Bridges to Housing Stability (Bridges), formerly Congregations Concerned for the Homeless (CCH), has been serving Howard County since the early 1990s. Resurrection has been a partner since the late 1990s. Originally founded as a grassroots faith-based effort for homeless families in Howard County, Bridges has grown to be a respected non-profit organization, providing help to local families who have lost or are in danger of their housing. 

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