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Backpack Collection

Who do we serve?

The staff and children at Mother Mary Lange School in Baltimore, a pre-K through 8th grade school serving Baltimore and nearby areas, helping to elevate families out of poverty through Catholic education.

What do we do?

We collect funds to help the school buy bulk supplies needed by the children.

When do we do it?

How can I get involved?


Contact Barbara Rieve: or look for information in the bulletin and on Resurrection Connections starting in July.

Relevant links

Photos and appreciation


July/August each year.

Where do we serve?

We collect the funds via FaithDirect.

Ministry history 

For many years, we provided filled backpacks for the kids, but in order to take advantage of bulk discounts, and to ensure that the children all received the standard, needed supplies, we "followed the need" of our service partner to provide much needed funds for supplies for the children and staff.

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