Supporting Racial Justice as a Catholic-


Justin has his bachelors in Theology and Catechetics. Through the last decade he has been a youth minister with various demographics across the United States which has provided him insight into racial justice for various groups. His undergraduate thesis topic was evangelization to the black Catholic community. He also has given time to start groups that are inclusive of all backgrounds and will be sharing his personal experiences of facing microaggressions particularly in Catholic settings. 


Manuela currently works as the Outreach Coordinator at First Step: A Response to Domestic Violence. She will be sharing experience advocating for racial justice to a parish as well as spiritual insights she has gathered relating the catholic faith to being against racism. She also speaks to personal experience explaining racial injustice to those who have not experienced it. 


Savannah Ackerman is the Director of Children and Family Ministries at the Church of the Resurrection. Recently, she has been working to become an ally against racism and become a better listener when it comes to this topic. She has a passion for promoting pro-life issues across the lifespan especially as they relate to the Catholic faith. More than anything she will be here to learn along side our parishioners.