K-5 Faith Formation 

Family Faith Formation (formally the in-classroom program) is available at two times on Sundays:

SUNDAY A, 3:30-5:00 pm

SUNDAY B, 6:30-8:00 pm

Contact Savannah Ackerman for more information 410-645-4019.


  • We are going to be reevaluating our safety plan as the year progresses. To assist families through the difficult transition to virtual school this Fall, what has traditionally been the classroom program will begin in November rather than September.

  • We will be offering optional family faith programs in September and October for those who want to participate. Email Sackerman@res-ec.org for details. 

  • At this time we do not foresee children returning to the classrooms in 2020.

  • Depending on how many children are registered, families (parent and child[ren]) will come once or twice a month in person. Each family will have their own table which will be appropriately distanced.

  • We ask that one parent come with their child on their assigned in-person weeks so that they can help their children maintain social distancing/safety precautions and to assist in completing activities.

  • When your family does not meet in person, at-home material will be provided. This model will be followed until it is safe to resume the classroom program as normal.  Primarily, we are here to support families and make faith formation accessible and easy. 

Virtual Family Option: 

  • Families will receive activities to be turned in on the dates the in-person session take place (see calendar below). Sessions have been designed to engage the whole family. 

  • Supplemental book work will be required.

View a sneak peak of the program below: 



Important Links

  • VIRTUS (Volunteer Training)

Examples of Virtual Content

Formation Events

Right now formation is all provided virtually, but we still have so much going for families in our community! Check out our online resource page for ideas and events. 

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Savannah AckermanDirector of Children and Family Ministries