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Catholic Relief Services/CRS Rice Bowl

Who do we serve?

Through our service partner, Catholic Relief Services, we support efforts to eliminate hunger and poverty across the globe. Our primary outreach is through CRS Rice Bowl Lenten Program: 75% of our gift supports CRS programs around the world; 25% goes to hunger and poverty alleviation within the  Baltimore Archdiocese.

What do we do?

Rice Bowl focuses on prayer, fasting, and almsgiving during Lent. Throughout the year, we also designate poor boxes and other special collections to support CRS' need for emergency assistance to those impacted by natural disasters and other turmoil.

When do we do it?

Rice Bowl starts every year on Ash Wednesday and runs through the Easter season. We collect contributions up to Pentecost. Disaster collections as needed.


How can I get involved?

Contact Kathleen Smith: and look for specific details on the program in the bulletin and on Resurrection Connections before the start of Lent each year.


There is a limited need for volunteers to help distribute Rice Bowl information at the Masses on Ash Wednesday and the first weekend of Lent. Requests for volunteers will be sent out via our "How Can I Help" email sign-up several weeks before Lent.

Relevant links

Photos and appreciation


Where do we serve?

All outreach activities occur at Resurrection.

Ministry history 

Resurrection began supporting CRS Rice Bowl in 2001, and has consistently been able to grow our donations over the years.

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